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West Pond is for everyone to enjoy.
West Pond is not only for boating, water skiing and other family fun, but also for those who appreciate its quiet and solitude. Be considerate of others and enjoy.
Speed Limit
The speed limit on our private roads around West Pond shall be a maximum of 15 MPH.
State law requires power boats and personal watercraft to:
give a wide berth to row boats, canoes, kayaks and sailboats
avoid water safety zones (bathing areas)
maintain reasonable speed
avoid water fowl
refrain from prolonged circling, racing, wake jumping or other repetitive activities that may harass others
Notify your Maine Warden Service at 287-8000, when you observe illegal behavior
Be considerate of your neighbors, especially after 10 p.m. Keep noise to a minimum and bring your barking dogs inside. Fireworks are illegal in Maine.
The Town of Parsonsfield has a leash law. Pets should be under your control at all times. Any questions call the Animal Control Officer, Kathleen Quinan at 207-625-7595.
Septic Systems
Owners should insure that septic systems are functioning correctly.
Trash is collected every Friday morning at 6:00 a.m. Use trash receptacles. Critters will tear open plastic bags.
White Goods Pick-Up
Check with town officials for dates on White Goods Pick-up. This is metal only -- no furniture, rugs, tires, tv's or auto parts, etc.
The Town of Parsonsfield has a mandatory recycling ordinance. Tin and aluminum cans, glass jars, #1 and #2 plastic jugs, newspapers, magazines, and junk mail are accepted. Use the red recycling bins for this purpose. Detailed recycling information is available from the town office. Bins are $5.00 each. Call Judy Ingram at 625-3082 for more information.
Do not feed the ducks and remind your guests as well. Allow ducks to forage for themselves and eat naturally. Fecal waste may cause 'swimmer’s itch' and e-coli contamination
Please pick up your litter in the pond and on the roads. Let’s keep West Pond beautiful!
Tree Removal
Vegetation, trees, and bushes cannot be removed adjacent to the shore as per Shoreland Zoning laws. Sand cannot be brought in and deposited on the beach or in the water. If you have questions, contact the DEP and/or Parsonsfield Code Enforcement Officer, David Bower
Permits are required for your dock, alterations to your cottage, septic system, clearing of land, and in general, any major changes to our property.
Code Enforcement Officer:
David Bower:
Road Commissioner:
Richard Blanchet:
Dock Removal
State law requires all docks be removed by November 1.
Open fires or brush burning are not allowed without a permit.
Contact Tim Green: (207) 625-4486 for a permit.
Fire permits can now be done online through Town of Parsonsfield website link.
Look out for your Neighbors
Report any suspicious activity to the authorities.
Maine State Police: 800-482-0703 or
York County Sheriff: 800-492-0855













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