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The annual WPA *meeting for 2021 will be held in Porter/KezarFalls at the Riverside Methodist Church.

Date and time to be announced via post card invitation*

For those not familiar with the location: Riverside Methodist Church is in Porter/KezarFalls at 5 School Street, Porter, ME 04068.

From the Road Between the Ponds go out to Pendexter Rd and take a left.
At stop sign take a right onto Elm Street.
Stay on Elm Street till it ends at Route 25 in KezarFalls.
Take a left on Route 25.
As you cross the bridge the church will be straight ahead of you.

*If anyone needs transportation please contact Dennis Spiney before meeting and arrangements will be made. Anyone willing to assist with transportation please let us know so we can ensure everyone that wants to attend will be able to.