West Pond Receives DEP Grant

Karen Hahnel of DEP informed us that the West Pond Association has been awarded a $3000 plant control grant for 2008. Overall, a total of $68,580 was requested for plant control and $60,005 was awarded to 14 associations. 

Karen also asked us to tell you that more money was requested than ever before for the CBI portion of the Cost Share Grant. Overall, $104,415 was requested by 37 organizations, so the $60,000 allocated for courtesy boat inspections was only 57 percent of the amount requested.

For those of you interested in CBI training north of Augusta, contact Maggie Shannon, msshannon@roadrunner.com. South of Augusta, CBI training is scheduled at LEA, 230 Main Street in Bridgton, on:

— 10 a.m. Saturday, May 17
— 10 a.m. Saturday, May 31
— 10 a.m. Saturday, June 14

The training will be completed by noon, if not earlier. Email roberta@leamaine.org to let us know how many people will be coming and on which day. If you have at least 12 people who need training, we can set something up in your area. Just contact us soon.

We provide 5 free CBI T-shirts to single lake associations and 10 free to multi-lake associations. If you need more, they’re $5 each and you’ll need to send LEA a check with your order. Be sure to tell us what sizes and numbers you need ASAP. We’ll be mailing T-shirts and all other materials in about two weeks. SO LET US KNOW YOUR SHIRT ORDER ASAP.

Peter Lowell and Roberta Scruggs
Lakes Environmental Association

P.S. Please remember to: Place your shirt order now. Schedule training now.

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