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There are rules for recreational activities such as skiing.
Remember these simple rules when in tow:
ALWAYS wear a personal floatation device (life jacket).
Have someone other than the driver of the boat act as a spotter. The driver should watch the lake, not the skier.
Always check your towline before each skier skis.
Maintain a reasonable, safe speed at all times and keep an alert eye open for other boats and watercraft.
If “dropping a ski,” be sure to release it near a dock where it can be retrieved immediately out of the way of other boats and skiers.
Steer clear of docks and away from boats and people who are fishing. Besides being dangerous, people seldom appreciate the wake caused by passing so closely.
Water Skier Hand Signals
Water Skier Hand Signals
1. Speed up the boat: Thumb up
2. Slow down the boat: Thumb down.
3. Cut Motor/Stop (also used by driver or observer): Slashing motion over the neck.
4. Turn the boat (also used by driver): Circle motion with arms over-head then point in desired direction.
5. Return to dock: Pat on the head.
6. Speed and boat path OK or signals understood: OK signal with hand.
7. Skier OK after falling: Hands clasped over head.
These articles are excerpts from the Washington State Boating Safety Officers Association and the OnWater websites.







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