Invasive Aquatic Species Found

Invasive Aquatic Species Found at West Pond in Maine:

Don Cameron and his crew of field biologists from the Maine Natural Areas Program (Maine Department of Conservation) reported on July 17, 2003, their discovery of about a dozen stems of curly-leaved pondweed (Potamogeton crispus) floating scattered along the southwest shore of West Pond in Parsonfield. The crew found no rooted plants, however, after making an extensive search of the pond.

Native to Europe, this invasive aquatic plant is present in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. Since curly-leaved pondweed develops most of its biomass in the late spring and early summer, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) believes this finding does not pose an extraordinary risk of spreading further within West Pond or into other nearby ponds for the remainder of this season.DEP expects to return to West Pond at that time next year to search for rooted plants. In the meantime, DEP is in touch with the West Pond Association and will collaborate with them in the spring.
John McPhedran, Invasive Species Program, Maine Department of Environmental Protection: 207-287-6110

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