Weed Harvest

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2018 The New England Milfoil crew with WPA president, Dennis Spinney at the 2018 Curly Leaf Harvest. L-R; Sam Dyer, Cliff Cabral, Capt. Spinney, and John O’Donnell

Spring of 2018, WPA had the company, New England Milfoil and Invasive Plants to come to perform an early harvest at the pond. They worked for three weeks to remove the curly leaf plants from the bottom of West Pond.

DASH working on West Pond
NEM Harvesting in dry suits May 11, 2015
1st day of the harvest, May 11, 2015
The compost pile is growing!
The second day, May 12th in Sun Set Cove
Cliff Cabral delivers the pulled weed for the compost pile.
Cliff Cabral
N.E.M.’s 3 divers/operators: Sam, Al, & Clif
Cliff & Capt. Spinney
The compost weed pile from the harvest! 263 Fish Totes of Curley Leaf Pondweed Over Half A Million Plants!