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West Pond Association
Is a not-for-profit cooperative. Our goals are to maintain and operate the outlet (The Dam) as required by state law. To test and monitor the pond water quality. Promote public safety and safeguard the pond's wildlife and environment.

New England Milfoil and Invasive Plants
Early harvest of our Curly Leaf, May 2015. Read & see more...

DASH is ready for launch - 2015

Diver Assisted Suction Harvester
The D.A.S.H. has been launched for 2015! Please, contact Dennis Spinney if you are interested in volunteering this year! Read more...
View our
Curly Leaf Harvest video on YouTube!

Environmental Issues:
2012: Capt. Spiney is interviewed on MPBN's Maine Watch by Susan Kimball
2011: West Pond Receives VLMP Con.Award
Announcement Letter
2008: West Pond Receives DEP Grant
2008: DASH Boat
2007: Our Dam is Repaired!
2007: MCIA Case Study of West Pond
2006: Update: DEP Harvest of Curly Pondweed in West Pond
2003: Invasive Aquatic Species Found
Milfoil Summit Notes
What is Gleotrichia?
Maine Center for Invasive Aquatic Plants
Hemlock Looper


West Pond Association meeting and events, dam information, guidelines, and The West Pond Trader.

West Pond

Facts about West Pond. Information on invasive aquatic plants, Maine facts, and our photo gallery.

The Loons

Information about loons and how we can protect them. Updates about our mating pair and other wildlife sightings.


Safety guidelines regarding fishing & boating. Links to Maine’s regulations and license information.


Links to sites relating to pond health, recreation and safety, wildlife information, and Maine tourism.

Contact Us

Send e-mail with questions or concerns regarding West Pond or other information on this site.


What's New!

2014 Letter from President!
Annual Meeting

July 3, 2015
6:00 am

Location:Riverside Methodist Church Porter/Kezar Falls

click' for directions

2015 - 4th of July Boat Parade!

Meet at Lily Bay Parade starts promptly at 11am!

Photos of West Pond Eagle by Maleia Wilson. See more photos HERE